You will be immersed in the beauty and slow pace of Tuscan life

Villa Michelangioli

A superb villa in the magnificent hills of Valdichiana, southern Tuscany. With its spectacular views, fabulous walking, indoor and outdoor swimming pool bordered by cypress trees, and sumptuous cuisine, Villa Michelangioli offers an environment of conscious sustainability, and an experience of the Italian way of living life where ease and enjoyment reign.

Each day there will be three sessions

The focus of our sessions is to open energy pathways, expand awareness, quiet the mind and experience the stillness and ease of our True Nature.

Yoga sessions invite deep listening, fluid unwinding, and awakening sensation as guide back to body’s innate intelligence. This approach to practice, shifts the habit of “doing” asana to an unfolding, by feeling and sensing our way thru the practice. Sessions will be guided with periods for self exploration and discovery.


Meditation and self inquiry sessions encourage becoming familiar with the rest and ease of our essential nature. The meditation sessions offer mindfulness and breath awareness based on Vipassana meditation as well as non-dual, open awareness meditation, and self inquiry.

Breathwork is a rare offering in yoga and meditation retreats and is an experience of personal transformation, enhanced well-being, and the direct experience of expanded consciousness. It is a profound dimension of our retreats.

The ancient, rural beauty and the slow pace of life at Villa Michelangioli, create a rare environment for refining awareness and deepening spiritual understanding in the process of retreat. To enhance the benefit of this yoga retreat, silent periods will be observed.

Outdoor activities

Being Tuscany world famous for his cusine and wines and art as well as history, there will be opportunities to enjoy (as optional) side activities to include free time to the world’s famous villages of Cortona (Under the Tuscan Sun), Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Siena and Firenze.

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