Tour overview

Parma is the musical city par exellence, a land of strong yet refined passions. This is the land of Verdi and Toscanini, of Pizzetti and Paer, of Bergonzi and la divina Tebaldi. Passion for the music of Giuseppe Verdi has created a vibrant and profound musical tradition at every level of Parma society. From this tradition has emerged the Verdi Festival, supreme tribute from the city and Verdi’s home land to the Great Maestro. Every year the month of October is dedicated to the music of Verdi and to the places which will be forever associated with him; 26 days of opera, concerts and events in the art and beauty of these places.

The Festival Verdi hosts the wonderful operas at Teatro Regio di Parma and at the precious Teatro Verdi in Busseto : I due FoscariLuisa MillerAida and Nabucco. Important concerts and events will take place in Parma charming locations too, a great chance to fully experience the Festival Verdi.

Did you know that the Festival Verdi won the Award as the Best Festival in the world at the International Opera Awards? A great success for the Festival Verdi along with the nomination in the “New Production” category and “Young singer” category.

Special backstage visits to the theatres including tailoring, set design, rehearsal, dressing rooms and the stage

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in our fantastic secret pathway to discover a great theater. An enlightening visit filled with special and mysterious places, stages on a surprising journey to understand what lies behind the scenes. You can finally access the hidden places, usually prohibited to the public, where the wonderful spectacles of the Teatro Regio have their genesis… The costume workshops, the set design workshop, the orchestra rehearsal room, the dressing rooms and the stage will unfold before your eyes, as in a magical world. A private journey in the heart of the Teatro Regio of Parma.

Meeting with the artists of the Festival Verdi

Meet the artists acclaimed on stage, great them and satisfy your curiosity on the opera, their role, their studies and their successes. An unmissable opportunity for music lovers!

Tour of the historical shops and the best wine shops of Parma

Venture into the backstreets of Parma and visit the famous food and wine stores which are part of the gastronomic and cultural heritage of Parma. You will be accompanied by an expert food shopper with great knowledge of the precious culinary treasures of the Food Valley.

Parma, Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy, is the heart of the Italian Food Valley and one of the destination with the highest number of typical products protected with quality brands in Italy: PDO Parma Ham, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Culatello di Zibello, PGI Porcini Mushroom di Borgotaro, PGI Coppa di Parma, CDO wines of the Parma hills and many others.