Tour overview

Duration: 3 Hours

One of the monument symbols of the Eternal City, is the imposing and majestic Castel Sant’Angelo.  Originally built as the tomb for Emperor Hadrian and has over the centuries become used for many different functions such as defensive purposes, prison, residence of the popes who connected it via a corridor to the Vatican & St. Peters, and now today a museum.

Castel Sant’Angelo offers visitors a journey into the past. Within its towering walls, visitors can uncover and learn about the castle’s impressive history as well as the surrounding area’s history and legacy. Additionally, it offers beautiful gardens which showcase centuries-old plants. Visitors can enjoy a tranquil visit to the castle’s well-appointed rooms, which include many elegant details such as inlaid furniture, vintage decor, and ornate frescos.

 The complex is a maze of rooms and corridors of paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds, and historic weapons. 


  • Advanced Reservations/Entry Tickets
  • Private English-speaking local expert guide

[Transportation costs additional: We can arrange for a private transfer to/from hotel with guide, or have a private driver for entire tour, or you can pay for a taxi to take you and the guide to the start of the tour from the hotel]