Tour overview

Duration: 3 Hours

The impressive Baths of Caracalla are your destination today, as you’ll head out of Rome with your private driver and local English-speaking guide.  The baths were the complex of ancient Rome that could accommodate 1600 bathers.  Providing sanitization facilities & opportunity to socialize.  The complex was made up a cold pool, a warm pool, and a hot pool, in addition to two libraries and gardens.  The baths were public and as massive as they were, they were only the second largest baths in Rome.

Also, today we will visit The Park of the Appia Antica, which includes the first 16km of the once ancient consular road south out of Rome through the Caffarella Valley.  The Appian Way was celebrated by Horace and Statius, who called it longarum regina viarum, or “queen of long-distance roads.” As the main highway to the seaports of southeastern Italy, and thus to Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, the Appian Way was so important that during the empire it was administered by a curator of praetorian rank.  Along the way we will see the archaeological Tombs of the Via Latina, and the remains of seven Roman aqueducts dating back to the Roman Republic & Imperial age.


  • Private English-speaking local expert guide & driver, with all transportation.