Tour overview

Duration: 7 Hours

Your driver will take you to the archeological site of Pompeii, where at the entrance you will meet with your local expert private English-speaking guide.

You will visit Pompeii (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with your local expert English guide. Pompeii was made immortal by the violent eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. & walking through the streets you can imagine how it was to live in this great city in imperial times.

Your guide will explain how the town was destroyed in 79 AD & in the same place where daily life used to unfold, you can now see how people were killed because of the volcano’s eruption.  The heart of Pompeii is the ancient forum, a vast space surrounded by stone columns and embellished with marble statues, of which today only pedestals remain.  Walk through ancient households & villas with beautifully preserved & restored frescos.  In addition, see the public baths, amphitheater and even a local bar.


  • Entry Tickets/Reservations
  • Local Expert English guide, driver & all transportation