Tour overview

Duration: 3 Hours

Enjoy your magnificent private guided walking tour of the eternal city’s most fascinating ancient monuments.   You’ll start this tour at your hotel, where your English speaking local expert guide will meet you.  Together you’ll transfer to the Coliseum, where in imperial times thousands of Romans gathered to watch gladiators fight for their lives, or for the emperor.

Gladiators once fought each other to the death, or against wild animals.  Visit inside the Coliseum, then cross over into the ancient Roman Forum where you’ll learn of its intriguing history & temples.  Though only ruins are left of it, The Roman Forum was once the central marketplace of the Ancient Roman Empire, where traders and shopkeepers sold their goods. It is still a famous site for Romans today, who enjoy seeing such a famous symbol of the city and walking on the ancient cobblestone streets.

During the tour you will also see the Monument of the Unknown Solider from Piazza Venezia.  The Circus Maximus which was once an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium and mass entertainment venue, and the Arch of Constantine.  

OPTIONAL:  +1 Hour: Coliseum Upper Tiers or The Belvedere of the Coliseum


  • Entry Tickets & Advanced Reservations
  • Private expert English speaking local guide

[Transportation costs additional: We can arrange for a private transfer to/from hotel with guide, or have a private driver for entire tour, or you can pay for a taxi to take you and the guide to the start of the tour from the hotel