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Our objective is that of offering our elite customers a symphony of choices-and like all the best symphonies in the history of music, we want each one to be perfect and unique.

What makes us different from anyone else is that we do not offer standard luxury travel itineraries; what we propose are dreams à la carte. Based on each customer’s preferences, passions and dreams our purpose is to recommend the ideal location and activity for each and every one of you. No two people are alike, which means no two itineraries will be alike either.

It is for this reason that you will not find any tour plans/itineraries or hotels on this website. Our staff will not limit itself to offering you what we already have-our mission is to search constantly for what nobody else has and making it become exclusively… yours.


Your time is as precious to us as it is you

We are fully aware of the fact that time is a rare and precious asset for most of our clients, which is why we wish to give you the opportunity to optimize it and get the most out of your vacation. Travel by helicopter allows our customers to reach exclusive locations in very little time in the utmost comfort and security. Choose your ideal departure point and satisfy your fancy by flying to a different golf course every day; select any ski trail you wish, knowing that your private helicopter will be waiting for you at the end of the trail, ready to take you back up for another breathtaking descent; fly to the restaurant of your choice, sample a refined and exquisite Italian dinner and end the evening in grandeur by trying your fortune at a casino…


Driving Italy’s most prestigious car

Discover the beauty of the Val d’Orcia, set in the southern part of Tuscany, with its rolling landscape and winding roads. Drive along the Chiantigiana road, meandering through the vineyards of the famous Chianti region. We guarantee the perfect knowledge of the roads as well as itineraries suitable for sports car driving – dazzling panoramas and maximum security. Ideal for a romantic getaway, an exciting incentive tour for VIP clients or an imaginative opportunity for a corporate event. For clients less inclined to sports car driving, we offer a choice of luxury vehicles: Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Maserati, Porsche and Lamborghini.

Wine tours

Tailored wine tours across the Country

Discover the inspiring landscapes and famous flavors of the italian countryside. Enjoy leisure time to explore the charming medieval and Etruscan towns. Visit a local winery, vineyard and cellar just like no others can do, followed by a supreme wine tasting. Piedmont, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Sicilia. Just in Tuscany, make your choice between our top wine tour and our unique “The collection series” wine tour; a private estate hosted by a wine specialist exploring world class italian wines not easily available in the US. Enhance your collection or “cantina” and have rare opportunity tasting, learning and a one-to-one experience with wine maker. NEW: We have just opened a wine cellar service: either we suggest or you pick the wines of your choice, we buy and store it for you for as long as you need at very resonable yearly fees.


Relax, rejuvenate and revitalize

Italy is a region rich in natural thermal springs, set in some of the country’s most magnificent natural landscapes. The healing properties of thermal waters have been renowned since Etruscan and ancient Roman times. Today’s visitors can benefit from the same waters that once healed Emperors and Saints while at the same time enjoying innovative, pampering, relaxing and luxurious beauty treatments. Added to the natural spring spas, Italy has a wide choice of resort spas, located within some of the most prestigious and luxurious existing resorts and hotels.

Opera music

Opera and Classical music

Enjoy a prima at Milan’s opera house La Scala. Let the arias of Verdi captivate you whilst sitting in a palco, with its lavish decoration, originally commissioned by its wealthy owner at the end of the 16th century; one of the same palcos that brought forth dumbfounded admiration for its craftsmanship from later observers such as Stendhal. Mingle with the city’s jet set; la Scala has always been the preeminent meeting place for the noble and wealthy Milanese. Prestigious classical music festivals are held all over Italy in some of the nation’s most evocative and charming locations. Discover hidden chambers where heavenly music is played to the discriminating few; or open air venues such as ancient cloisters and panoramic terraces where the pungent scents of Mediterranean summer evenings linger in the air together with the vivid notes of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”…

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