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Viva Italia Tour: French Alps

This is another one of our non-Italian not-to-be missed tours, made for those who want a more invigorating experience on the scenic Alpine roads.

Viva Italia Tour: French Riviera

This is not our traditional Viva Italia tour as it actually takes us on an adventure in France! Starting from Monte Carlo, we will continue on to the whimsical region of Provence, known for the beautiful lavender fields, castles and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Viva Italia Tour: Piedmont

The region of Piedmont (or Piemonte) rivals the more popular region of Tuscany. It has it all – the food (and truffles!), the wine, the quaint villages and rolling hills that are perfect for our driving adventure.
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Viva Italia Tour: Monaco to Rome

Guests arriving in Monaco directly will enjoy a complimentary heli-transport from the Nice airport. The itinerary goes from Monaco to Parma and through Tuscany before finally arriving in Rome.
Rome to Milan driving tour

Viva Italia Tour: Rome to Milan

This itinerary goes from Rome to Florence, then into Milan. It offers the opportunity to drive for two amazing and intense days followed by an unforgettable driving experience at Monza track, the temple of F1
Venice to Monza via Alps driving tour

Viva Italia Tour: Venice to Monza via Alps

This itinerary goes from Venice to Monza crossing Alps and two Countries: Italy and Switzerland. The most fascinating part of this itinerary is given by the challenging Alpine roads which will take us through very famous areas.
Tuscany driving tour

Viva Italia Tour: Tuscany

This region, for a variety of reasons, is probably the best environment to enjoy a driving experience. The hills, the roads and the small towns belong to a unique painting, ready to be discovered and appreciated in full.
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