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From the magnificent lakes in Lombardy to the idyllic Tuscan countryside – all our tours in one place.

Viva Italia Exotics

Experience luxury supercar drive through the most breathtaking landscapes in Italy.

Wine Tours

Relax and enjoy a unique experience with a wine and culinary tour that’s tailor-made for you.

City Tours

Rediscover the beauty of spectacular cities of Italy with authentic excursions and experiences.

Private Yachts

Immerse yourself in your destination and enjoy a different view every day.

Gastronomy tours

Explore the traditional delights of Italian cuisine while travelling through the famous regions.

Luxury Cars Rental

A blending of fine machinery with the raw beauty of nature.

Private Jets

There is no other form of transport like it, so your travel needs are always in the spotlight.


Whether you need to travel in Italy, we provide a safe and reliable journey from door to door.

Opera Tours

We will take you right to the heart of some of the largest Italian opera events and music festivals.

Hot Air Balloons

Join the romantic experience of a private fascinating hot air balloon flight directly from your hotel.

Medieval Flag Show

Flag throwing is a typical Italian martial art originating from the medieval times.

Let us have the pleasure of
accompanying you through your greatest dream: Italy!


Art and history

Wander through the remains of the glorious Roman Empire. Descend into the underworld homes of the Etruscans and catch a glimpse of this lost and mystifying civilization. Wake up bathed in the light which illuminated the Renaissance and brought forth the creative genius of its artists. Every waking moment, a feast for your eyes.


Food and wine map

Draw a food and wine map of Italy and you’ll find it far more diverse than the geographical one. Discover the nuances of genuine Italian cuisine and learn to distinguish it from the numerous imitations to be found around the world. Let us open up the doors to a universe of flavors and aromas typical of our region and free your senses… Sightseeing for your palate.


Essence of experience

Let your senses breath & see, hear, touch, smell, taste. Let us guide you through Italy as no-one else can. Capture the detail and discover the essence of a unique experience as we lead you through an open air gallery of art and fashion. Feel the glow of hospitality, live life as only the Italians can.

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